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We have created our investment platform with the aim of long-term cooperation with online investors and the ability to maximize profit for both parties.

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We offer our investors 2 investment plans.
By investing in the first investment plan, you will receive daily accruals of 7% every calendar day for 20 days (140% ROI, 40% net profit).
By investing in a second investment plan you will receive a one-time payment of 110% after 7 calendar days (110% ROI, 10% net profit).
Please note that in both investment plans the deposit body is included in the accruals.

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7% Daily For 20 Days 110% After 7 Days

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20 usd/20,000 usd

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Min/Max Deposit

20 usd/20,000 usd

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Daily income 1.4usd Total Return 28usd Your Profit 8usd

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About Our Company

Hawk Capital is an online investment company founded in 2013 and run by highly qualified investment professionals. The main activity of the company is trading in the cryptocurrency market. By 2017, the company's turnover was over 800 million USD. In 2020, in order to increase trading volume, it was decided to attract investment from private online investors.
This decision is also due to the fact that since 2018 we have seen a constant increase in people interested in cryptocurrencies who would like to trade on the market, but due to limited knowledge, they do not risk doing it yet. Our risk hedging strategy has been proven to be effective and has enabled us to trade profitably even in poor market conditions.

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Experts In Cryptocurrency

Our professional traders and financial analysts with many years of experience in cryptocurrency trading are able to profit in any market mood. We operates with strict risk management procedures to ensure that enough consecutive trades can be fulfilled in order to maintain an overall positive return. The company's capital, which is not traded, is securely stored in several cold wallets.

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We trade Bitcoin and popular altcoins on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges using a unique strategy and advanced market analytics to get the maximum profit from each transaction, which provides our investors with guaranteed income.

+ ... and many other altcoins in our trading portfolio


Our investment platform is fully automated. This means that any action will be processed instantly, whether making a deposit, crediting a affiliate reward or withdrawing funds.
Our platform has a reliable level of protection against hacking or DDoS attacks, so our customers funds are completely safe.
We use Sectigo SSL 256-bit encryption, the strongest encryption available for web connections, which prevents an attacker from intercepting user data.

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Why Investors Choose Us?

1 Profitable Investment Offer Self-trading cryptocurrencies carries high risks. We offer a high, fixed income guaranteed by our highly qualified traders and financial analysts.

2 Reliable Company Our company has established itself as a reliable and serious partner in the cryptocurrency world, we do not stop there and are constantly developing.

3 Earnings Without Investments With us you can earn without personal investment. Just invite your friends and relatives to join us and get 7% referral reward on the amount of the deposit they made.

+ many other benefits that our investors
will definitely appreciate!

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Company News

Official launch of our investment platform.

Good afternoon, dear visitors. We are pleased to inform you that today the official opening of our investment platform! There are two investment plans for your attention: 7% per day for 20 days and 110% after 7 days. We also provide an opportunity to start making money with us without personal investment using our 3-level affiliate program: 7%-2%-1%. On behalf of our team, we wish you good luck and a profitable investment!

Read More Jul-27-2020 10:25:06 AM
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Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is a great opportunity to increase your investment profit by attracting new users to our platform. Each time your referral makes a deposit, you will receive 7% affiliate reward of the amount of his deposit. *for deposits made from the account balance affiliate reward is not accrued.

  • 7% First
  • 2% Second
  • 1% Third